Add a world clock

Use Clocks to add times in other cities.

This requires the Clocks application to be installed.

Most distributions come with Clocks installed by default. If yours does not, you may need to install it using your distribution’s package manager.

To add a world clock:

  1. Click the clock on the top bar.

  2. Click the Add world clocks… button under the calendar to launch Clocks.

    If you already have one or more world clocks, click on one and Clocks will launch.

  3. In the Clocks window, click + button or press Ctrl+N to add a new city.

  4. Start typing the name of the city into the search.

  5. Select the correct city or the closest location to you from the list.

  6. Press Add to finish adding the city.

Refer to the Clocks Help for more of the capabilities of Clocks.