Online services and applications

Once you have added an online account, any application can use that account for any of the available services that you have not disabled. Different providers provide different services. This page lists the different services and some of the applications that are known to use them.


The Calendar service allows you to view, add, and edit events in an online calendar. It is used by applications like Calendar, Evolution, and California.


The Chat service allows you to chat with your contacts on popular instant messaging platforms. It is used by the Empathy application.


The Contacts service allows you to see the published details of your contacts on various services. It is used by applications like Contacts and Evolution.


The Documents service allows you to view your online documents such as those in Google docs. You can view your documents using the Documents application.


The Files service adds a remote file location, as if you had added one using the Connect to Server functionality in the file manager. You can access remote files using the file manager, as well as through file open and save dialogs in any application.


The Mail service allows you to send and receive email through an email provider like Google. It is used by Evolution.


The Photos service allows you to view your online photos such as those you post on Facebook. You can view your photos using the Photos application.


The Printers service allows you to send a PDF copy to a provider from within the print dialog of any application. The provider might provide print services, or it might just serve as storage for the PDF, which you can download and print later.

Read Later

The Read Later service allows you to save a web page to external services so that you can read it later on another device. No applications currently use this service.