Create a box

When Boxes is launched, the collection view opens, displaying your existing boxes. If you haven't yet created a box, an introductory message is displayed.

  1. Click New in the top left corner to launch the box creation wizard.

  2. At the wizard's Source Selection screen, choose a source to determine the type of box you want to create. A local virtual machine can be created from:

    • An ISO found by Boxes.

    • Installation media on a CD/DVD/USB drive.

    • A local ISO file (if not found automatically above).

    • A URL to a remote machine.

    If your installation media supports Express Installation, the installation will proceed without further input.

  3. After making your selection, or providing the necessary information, click Continue, which will take you to the Review page.

  4. If the box is local, click Customize to adjust memory or disk size, or to rename the box.

  5. Click Create.

The collection view returns, and the installation of the box begins.