Connect to another computer

Boxes can be used to view and access a remote physical or virtual machine.

The remote machine should already be configured.

  1. Click New in the top left corner to launch the box creation wizard.

  2. At the wizard's Source Selection screen, click Enter URL.

  3. Enter a URL containing the protocol, IP address and port number of the remote device or service. For example:


    The protocol will be:

    • spice:// to connect to a local or remote Xspice server.

    • qemu:// to connect to a libvirt instance providing access to all virtual machines it is hosting.

    • vnc:// to connect to a remote vino or VNC server.

    The address and port number should be available from the configuration of the device or service on the remote machine. For example, the Properties view in Boxes provides the URL you would use to connect to that box.

  4. Click Continue in the top right corner.

  5. Click Create.

The remote box will open in the collection view.