Use GNOME Audio Profiles to modify a list of pre-defined encoding formats.

2.1. Profile selection dialog

The following window is displayed to modify, add or remove the pre-defined formats.

Figure 1GNOME Audio Profiles Window

Select one of the profiles and click "Edit" to modify it. The "Profile modification window" will be displayed.

"Delete" will remove the currently selected profile from the list of profiles.

To create a new profile, click "New". The "Profile 5~ modification window" will be displayed.

2.2. Profile editing

GNOME Audio Profiles let you modify the parameters of an audio profile.

Figure 2Profile modification window
  • Profile name - user friendly name of the profile.
  • Profile description - long description of this profile.
  • GStreamer pipeline - the GStreamer encoding pipeline.
  • File extension - the filename extension associated to this profile.
  • Active - whether this profile is listed in client application.