Getting Started

2.1. To Start Glade

You can start Glade in the following ways:

Applications menu

Choose Programming ▸ Glade Interface Designer.

Command line

To start Glade from a command line, type glade and then press Return.

2.2. When You Start Glade

When you start Glade, the following window is displayed.

Figure 1Glade window

The Glade window contains the following elements:


The menus on the menubar contain all of the commands you need to work with files in Glade.


The toolbar contains a subset of the commands that you can access from the menubar.

Design Area

The design area is where a user interface can be visually edited.


The palette contains the widgets that can be used to build a user interface.


The inspector displays information about the widgets in a project.

Property Editor

The property editor is used to manipulate the properties of widgets, as well as adding connections to source code.


The statusbar displays information about current Glade activity and contextual information about the menu items.