Basic usage

To open a file

To open a file, choose File ▸ Open to display the Open File dialog. Select the file that you want to open, then click OK. The file is displayed in the display area of the gLabels window.

You can also open multiple files in gLabels. The application creates a separate application window for each open file.

The application records the paths and filenames of the most recent files that you have edited and displays the files as menu items on the File ▸ Recent Files menu.

To close a file

To close the current document, choose File ▸ Close to close the application window. If the current document is modified, a confirmation dialog will be presented, allowing you to save the document or cancel the command. If the window being closed is the only open window, gLabels will exit.

To save a file

You can save files in the following ways:

  • To save changes to an existing file, choose File ▸ Save.

  • To save a new file or to save an existing file under a new filename, choose File ▸ Save As. Enter a name for the file in the Save As dialog box, then click OK.

To quit gLabels

To quit gLabels, choose File ▸ Quit. This is equivalent to closing all open windows. See To close a file.