Getting Started

2.1. To Start GHex

You can start GHex in the following ways:

Applications menu

Choose Accessories ▸ Hex Editor.

Command line

Execute the following command: ghex

2.2. When You Start GHex

When you start GHex, the following window is displayed.

Figure 1GHex Window Before You Open a File

2.3. To Open a File

To open a file, choose File ▸ Open. Select the file that you want to open, then click OK. You can open multiple files in GHex. GHex displays each file in a new window.

When you open a file in GHex, the application displays the file in the following window.

Figure 2GHex Window with an Open File

The GHex window contains the following elements:


The menus on the menubar contain all the commands that you need to work with files in GHex.

Cursor offsets column

The cursor offset is the distance between the beginning of the file and the first byte in each line. By default, GHex displays the cursor offsets column to the left of the hexadecimal view.

Display pane on left side

The display pane on the left side of the display area displays a hexadecimal view of the file.

Display pane on right side

The display pane on the right side of the display area displays an ASCII view of the file.

Type conversion dialog

The type conversion dialog below the display area displays the value of the selected character in several different numeric types.