Inserting data in a table

From the schema browser perspective, when a table's properties is displayed in a tab, use the Table ▸ Insert data menu to have a popup appear containing a data entry for each column of the table to insert data into.

A popup similar to the following will appear:

Popup to insert data into table

A popup to insert data in a table

The noticeable points here are:

  • There is one data entry per column in the table, with the exception (not shown in this figure) of multiple foreign key fields for which a single drop down choice widget is shown;

  • Each data entry has a small button on the right giving information about the corresponding data entry, and allowing you to reset the data entry's value to the value it had before any modification done, to set it to NULL or to set it to a default value. The button's color has the following signification:

    • Red: means the current value in the data entry is invalid

    • Blue: means the current value in the data entry is unused and the column's default value will be used instead (useful for example for auto incremented columns)

    • Green: means the current value in the data entry is NULL

    • Same color as the rest of the UI: means none of the above situations apply

  • Columns which are foreign keys to other tables are presented as a drop down combo box where you can only choose among the values in the referenced table (hint: to have that values list refreshed you should close the popup dialog and reopen it);