Deleting and undeleting messages

Deleting Messages

To delete a message, select it and press the Delete key, or click the Delete button in the toolbar, or press Ctrl+D, or right-click the message and click Delete.

When you press Delete or click the Trash folder, your mail is not actually deleted, but is marked for deletion. You can see all message marked for deletion in the Trash folder. To show deleted messages, click View ▸ Show Deleted Messages. You can view the messages stricken off for later deletion.

To permanently erase all the deleted messages in a folder, click Folder ▸ Expunge or press Ctrl+E.

Undeleting Messages

You can undelete a message that has been deleted but not expunged yet. To undelete a message, select the message, click Edit ▸ Undelete message. Note that View ▸ Show Deleted Messages must be enabled for this to work.

If you have marked a message for deletion, undeleting it unmarks it, and the message is not shown anymore in the Trash folder.