Use a nickname password on IRC

On some IRC networks, you can register your nickname with a service called NickServ. By sending special messages to NickServ, you can set your password and identify yourself. Some IRC chat rooms may not allow you to join without a registered nickname.

Empathy does not currently support nickname registration. Some IRC networks, however, will automatically forward a server password to NickServ. On these networks, you can use the IRC password in Empathy to identify yourself to NickServ. The popular freenode network is known to have this feature.

To set an IRC server password:

  1. From the Contact List window, choose Edit ▸ Accounts, or press F4.

  2. Select the IRC account from the list on the left of the dialog.

  3. In the Password field, type the password you used to register your nikcname.

  4. Click Apply.

These instructions only allow you to use a password-protected nickname on certain IRC networks. It is not currently possible to register an IRC nickname or change your nickname password using Empathy.