Add a new account

You can add instant messaging accounts from any supported service to communicate with all of your contacts in Empathy. For some account providers, these steps will also allow you to register for a new account. For more details, see Register a new account.

  1. Click Empathy ▸ Accounts, or press F4.

  2. Click +.

  3. From the What kind of chat account do you have? drop-down list, select the type of account you wish to add.

  4. Enter the required information. For most accounts, you will only need a login ID and a password. Some accounts may require additional information. See Account Detailsfor more information.

  5. Click Add.

To change the name that identifies the account in the Messaging and VoIP Accounts window, select the account from the list on the left and either click on the name or press the space bar. Edit the account name and press Enter when you’re finished.