Jabber account details

Most Jabber accounts will require only a login ID and a password to connect. For some accounts or on certain types of networks, you may need to enter additional information in the Advanced section. Normally, you will not need to use the advanced options below. For general instructions on adding an account, see Add a new account.

Google Talk is a type of Jabber account. These instructions hold for Google Talk accounts as well.

Encryption required (TLS/SSL)
Ignore SSL certificate errors

Whenever possible, communication between Empathy and the Jabber server is encrypted. If encrypted communication is not possible, messages may be sent unencrypted. Select Encryption required to prevent Empathy from communicating with the Jabber server when encryption is not possible.

Some Jabber servers may encrypt data using invalid certificates, or using certificates signed by unknown authorities. You can select Ignore SSL certificate errors to allow encrypted communication with invalid certificates, but this allows an attacker to intercept your communication with the server (including your password). You might want to use this option for testing purposes, or if your server is broken and you do not care about the security of your communication.


If you have multiple applications (for instance, on separate computers) connected to your account at the same time, you can set a resource to uniquely identify each one. By default, Empathy will use Telepathy as the resource.

You can set the priority to specify which application should receive incoming messages from your contacts. New messages will be sent to the application with the highest priority.

Override server settings

Empathy will use default settings to connect to the Jabber server based on your login ID. For some Jabber servers, you will need to enter custom server settings manually. These settings should be provided for you by your Jabber provider.