The Scanner

The scanner can be used to fill in fields based on the filename, rename a file and create a new directory based on the filled fields, and process the text in fields and the filename.

Fill fields from a filename and directory structure

Fill Tag can be used to fill in tag fields based on the filename and its parent directories.

Use format specifiers and separators to split the filename and parent directories into different tag fields. The format specifiers, such as %t for track title, which are used to indicate the different tag fields, are listed in the Legend. Separators can be any part of the filename or the parent directories. Use / to add the separator for a parent directory.

For example, if you keep your audio files using the artist/album/01 track title.flac directory structure and filenames, use the %a/%b/%n %t format string to extract the track number and title from the filename, the album title from the parent directory and the artist from the grandparent directory.

Fill the tag fields for the selected files using the Scan Files button.

Rename files and create new directories

Rename File can be used to create a directory hierarchy and update filenames using the filled tag fields. If a new directory hierarchy is specified, it will be created inside the directory where the file is currently located.

For example, if you have a tagged file inside the Music directory, you can use the %a/%b/%n %t format string, it will create the Music/artist/album/01 track title.flac file structure and filename. You will see a preview of the naming scheme below your specified format string.

To prepare the files for moving and renaming, press the Scan Files button.

Bulk process tag fields and filename

Process Fields is a sophisticated find and replace feature which allows you to select which tag fields to process. It also allows for the filename to be processed as well.

Specify which fields to change by selecting them from the Tag Fields section.

You can Convert characters for a simple find and replace, change capitalization and add or remove spaces.