Format specifiers

Format specifiers can be used to split a file name into tags and to name a file or playlist based on existing tags using the scanner.

Format specifier

Corresponding tag field


Artist: this is the artist or artists who created the track, this field may contact a featured artist as well as the album artist


Album artist


Album title


Comment: this is the free-form comment field


Composer: this is the creator of the track


Copyright holder: this is usually the artist, but it can also be the record label


Disc number


Encoded by: this is usually the person who encoded the file, but the field is also used for the application that was used to encode the file




Ignored: this format specifier can only be used in Fill Tag to specify parts of the file name which should be ignored


Number of tracks: the total number of tracks on the medium


Original artist


Track number


Track title




Number of discs


Year of recording, sometimes the date of release is used instead