Create a playlist

You can create a M3U playlist for use with a music player based on the list of files shown in EasyTAG:

  1. Select the files that you wish to be in the playlist from the list of files.

  2. Select Miscellaneous ▸ Generate Playlist….

  3. Select Use mask and enter a mask, using format specifiers, or select Use directory name to name the playlist after the directory which is selected in the Browser.

  4. Select Include only the selected files to use the files which are selected in the file list when generating the playlist. Deselect it to include all the displayed files in the playlist.

  5. Select Use relative path for files in playlist unless you only plan to use the playlist on the same computer and you do not plan to move the audio files, in which case you can select Use full path for files in playlist.

  6. Select Create playlist in the parent directory if you want to save the playlist in the parent of the directory selected in the Browser. Otherwise, the playlist will be saved in the directory selected in the Browser.

  7. If you are creating a playlist for use on a Windows computer, or on a NTFS or FAT file system, select Use DOS directory separator.

  8. Select Write only list of files to create a playlist which only contains a list of files. Select Write info using filename to also write extended information, including the duration of the audio file, to the playlist. Select Write info using and enter a mask, using format specifiers, to write custom extended information to the playlist.

  9. To generate the playlist, select Save.