Summary of Dasher Modes

The various modes of Dasher are listed below. The mode may be changed via the “edit” menu. Select “Preferences” and then “Control” . Each mode has a number of variable parameters associated with it which can be adjusted using the options button located below the mode menu.

8.1. Normal

The original Dasher mode. Functions using a two dimensional steering gesture, from a mouse, say. A one-dimensional mode is also available, for those who may not be able to control two-dimensions, and a special eyetracker mode is available for those using Dasher with a gaze or head tracker. Dasher can be started using mouse position alone if clicking is not possible - select 'Start on Mouse Position' and 'Circle Start' to allow starting and stopping by dwelling in the circle in the centre of the display. The 'Two Box' start mode starts Dasher by dwelling in the two boxes in sequence. In the latter case stopping must be done through control mode.

8.2. Click Mode

In click mode you position the mouse pointer where you want to go, then press the button when you are ready. Dasher then zooms into the place where you clicked.

8.3. Menu Mode

One button is used to select a location, and once a second button is pressed Dasher zooms to that location. The large box occuring last in the cycle is used to zoom out.

8.4. Direct Mode

Direct mode is similar to menu mode, except boxes are assigned directly to each button rather than being selected in sequence.

8.5. Compass Mode

Compass mode makes use of four buttons. Two buttons are used to control vertical position. When the required vertical position has been reached a third button is pressed to zoom in. After zooming in on the location, the user once more selects vertical position. A forth button zooms out if an error is made.

8.6. (One Button) Dynamic Mode

Dasher continually zooms in and a single button may be used to move “up” and “down”. There is also a Two Button Dynamic Mode where two buttons are used to control motions “up” and “down”. A third button, long presses or multiple presses can be used to unzoom and correct errors.

8.7. Two Button Dynamic Mode

Dasher continually zooms in, whilst two buttons are used to control vertical motion. Correction is performed in the same way as One button dynamic mode.