Internet Radio

What is Internet Radio?

Internet radio stations are similar to regular radio stations, allowing an individual or organization to stream music live over the internet. Internet radio stations can be a simultaneous stream of a regular radio station, an amateur broadcasting their own station, or commercial internet radio stations that include live DJs and even commercials.

Add Radio Station

To add an internet radio station to Banshee, press Add Station in the upper right hand corner of Banshee or, from the menu, choose Media ▸ Add Station.

From the internet radio station's webpage, copy the link to their stream URL in your web browser. In most browsers, you can right click on the link and press Copy Link.

Banshee will prompt you to enter the Station Genre. Choose the kind of music the internet radio station plays from the available drop down selections. You will then need to enter the Station Name. Enter a name for the radio station. Then press tab or use your mouse to select the Stream URL field to paste the URL of the radio station. Using your mouse right click and choose Paste or press Control+V.

You can optionally also fill out the fields for Station Creator, Description, and Rating.

Then press Save to save the internet radio station in Banshee.