What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are recorded programs, similar to radio programs, that are available on the internet and allow you to subscribe. When you subscribe to a podcast in Banshee, each time a new program is released, Banshee will automatically download the podcast and allow you to listen to it.

There are podcasts on almost any subject including music, movies, Linux, and more. Search the internet using your favorite search engine with a search term such as "movie podcast" and you will be presented with many options to choose from.

Add a Podcast

To add a Podcast to Banshee you will first need to visit the podcast's home page on the internet in your browser. Almost all podcasts will have a button or link displayed to subscribe to the podcast. Copy the link to the podcast's subscription. In most web browsers, you can right click on the link and choose Copy link.

In Banshee, press and choose Subscribe to Podcasts in the upper right hand corner, from the menu choose Media ▸ Subscribe to Podcast or use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Control+F.

Banshee will then allow you to choose how you want to download new podcasts from a drop down menu. Your choices include:

  • Download the Most Recent Episode (This will automatically download the last episode that was released).

  • Download All Episodes (This will download all episodes).

  • Let Me Decide Which Episodes to Download (This will allow you to choose which episodes you would like to download).

After you have added a Podcast feed, Banshee will display:

  • Name: (Name of the specific episode)

  • Podcast: (Name of the Podcast)

  • Published (Date the episode was published or released)