Terms and Conventions Used in This Manual

This manual describes version 2.26.0 of the GNOME Display Manager. It was last updated on 02/10/2009.

Chooser - A program used to select a remote host for managing a display remotely on the attached display (gdm-host-chooser).

FreeDesktop - The organisation providing desktop standards, such as the Desktop Entry Specification used by GDM. http://www.freedesktop.org.

GDM - GNOME Display Manager. Used to describe the software package as a whole.

Greeter - The graphical login window (provided by gnome-shell).

PAM - Pluggable Authentication Mechanism

XDMCP - X Display Manage Protocol

Xserver - An implementation of the X Window System. For example the Xorg Xserver provided by the X.org Foundation http://www.x.org.

Paths that start with a word in angle brackets are relative to the installation prefix. I.e. <share>/pixmaps/ refers to /usr/share/pixmaps if GDM was configured with --prefix=/usr.