Text Information Dialog

Use the --text-info option to create a text information dialog.

The text information dialog supports the following options:


Specifies a file that is loaded in the text information dialog.


Allows the displayed text to be edited. The edited text is returned to standard output when the dialog is closed.


Specifies the text font.


Enable a checkbox for use like a 'I read and accept the terms.'


Enable html support.


Sets an url instead of a file. Only works if you use --html option.

The following example script shows how to create a text information dialog:


# You must place file "COPYING" in same folder of this script.
FILE=`dirname $0`/COPYING

zenity --text-info \
       --title="License" \
       --filename=$FILE \
       --checkbox="I read and accept the terms."

case $? in
        echo "Start installation!"
	# next step
        echo "Stop installation!"
        echo "An unexpected error has occurred."

Text Information Dialog Example

Zenity text information dialog example