Progress Dialog

Use the --progress option to create a progress dialog.

Zenity reads data from standard input line by line. If a line is prefixed with #, the text is updated with the text on that line. If a line contains only a number, the percentage is updated with that number.

The progress dialog supports the following options:


Specifies the text that is displayed in the progress dialog.


Specifies the initial percentage that is set in the progress dialog.


Closes the progress dialog when 100% has been reached.


Specifies that the progress bar pulsates until an EOF character is read from standard input.

The following example script shows how to create a progress dialog:

echo "10" ; sleep 1
echo "# Updating mail logs" ; sleep 1
echo "20" ; sleep 1
echo "# Resetting cron jobs" ; sleep 1
echo "50" ; sleep 1
echo "This line will just be ignored" ; sleep 1
echo "75" ; sleep 1
echo "# Rebooting system" ; sleep 1
echo "100" ; sleep 1
) |
zenity --progress \
  --title="Update System Logs" \
  --text="Scanning mail logs..." \

if [ "$?" = -1 ] ; then
        zenity --error \
          --text="Update canceled."

Progress Dialog Example

Zenity progress dialog example