Forms Dialog

Use the --forms option to create a forms dialog.

The forms dialog supports the following options:


Add a new Entry in forms dialog.


Add a new Password Entry in forms dialog. (Hide text)


Add a new Calendar in forms dialog.


Set the dialog text.


Set output separator character. (Default: | )


Set the format for the returned date. The default format depends on your locale. format must be a Format that is acceptable to the strftime function, for example %A %d/%m/%y.

The following example script shows how to create a forms dialog:


zenity --forms --title="Add Friend" \
	--text="Enter information about your friend." \
	--separator="," \
	--add-entry="First Name" \
	--add-entry="Family Name" \
	--add-entry="Email" \
	--add-calendar="Birthday" >> addr.csv

case $? in
        echo "Friend added.";;
        echo "No friend added."
        echo "An unexpected error has occurred."

Forms Dialog Example

Zenity forms dialog example