Establish a connection

You can connect to other computers on your local network using Remote Desktop Viewer.

  1. Select Remote ▸ Connect.

  2. Choose the Protocol and the Host for the connection.

    Some protocols allow you to see all available computers on your local network by clicking the Find button. This buttons will not be displayed if you do not have Avahi support.

  3. Select the options which you want enabled when the connection is made. Options will vary depending on the protocol that you use.

  4. Click the Connect button.

    At this point, the remote desktop may need to confirm the connection. If this is the case, the viewer may remain black until the connection is confirmed.

    Some computers may require a secure connection: an authentication dialog will be displayed, asking for the credentials. The type of credentials depend on the remote host; it may be a password and a username. If you select Remember this credential, Remote Desktop Viewer will store the information using GNOME Keyring.

If the connection has been used previously, you can also access it through Remote ▸ Recent Connections.

To close a connection, choose Remote ▸ Close or click the Close button.