Desktop Integration Addins

Desktop Integration addins interact with other applications or websites and Tomboy.

Bugzilla Links

The Bugzilla Links addin allows you to drag a Bugzilla URL from your browser into Tomboy. After dragging a link into a Tomboy note, Tomboy will display the bug number as an active link next to bug icon to show you this is a Bugzilla link. Clicking the link in the Tomboy note will open a browser window taking you to that Bugzilla page.

Evolution Mail Integration

The Evolution Mail Integration plugin allows you to drag an email from Evolution into a Tomboy note. Your note will display an envelope icon and the subject of the note will be displayed as a link. Clicking this link will open the email using Evolution.

Printing Support

This addin is enabled by default and allows you print notes out. If you disable this addin you will no longer be able to print notes.