Getting started

You can start Time Administration Tool in the following ways:

System menu

Choose Administration ▸ Time and Date.

Context menu in the clock applet

Choose Adjust Date and Time.

Command line

Execute the following command: time-admin

When you start Time Administration Tool, you may be prompted for the administrator password. This is necessary because the changes done with this tool will affect the whole system.

After entering the administrator password, the time configuration window is displayed.

Figure 1Time Administration Tool main window, automatic configuration mode
Figure 2Time Administration Tool main window, manual configuration mode

The Time Administration Tool main window contains the following elements:

Time zone

Displays your current timezone; the button displays a map for selecting a timezone.

Configuration type

It can be either:

Keep synchronized with Internet servers

You will be able to choose from a list of Internet servers to keep your computer clock synchronised automatically.


You will be able to fully specify date and time by hand.

Synchronise now button

This will allow you to synchronise just once with the selected Internet servers.