Connect to other computers

You can use Passwords and Keys to install your SSH key onto a remote computer that can run an SSH server. You can also set up your SSH key for remote login while creating the key.

  1. Right click on the SSH key and select Configure Key for Secure Shell….

  2. In the dialog window that opens, enter the Server address that you normally use to log in to the remote computer via SSH, and press Set Up.

  3. The program will now attempt to connect to the specified Server address with the entered Login Name.If there are any problems in accessing the remote computer, a pop-up window will appear that explains the problem, and you can try again. Make sure that you have a network connection and that the remote computer is on and accessible.

  4. If connection to the remote computer was successful, a dialog box will appear which asks for the Password you use to log in to the remote computer. Enter your password, then press OK.

You should now be able to log in to the remote computer via SSH without a password.