Retrieve remote keys

You can retrieve someone's public GnuPG key from the Internet and store it in Passwords and Keys.

To retrieve a remote key:

  1. Select Remote ▸ Find Remote Keys….

  2. Enter information about the key you wish to retrieve in the field provided. Details like key ID or the key owner's email address give more accurate results than the name of the key owner.

  3. Press the Search button.

  4. From the list of search results, select the key you want to import, right click on it and select Import. Alternatively, you can also press the Import button present at the top of the dialog after selecting the key.

The imported key will be listed in the GnuPG keys keyring.

If you cannot see the retrieved key, please select View ▸ Show any.

If you want more information about a key, before importing it, select it, and press the properties button found at the top of the dialog. Alternatively you can also right click on the key and select Properties. This opens a new window that displays information like the key ID, key fingerprint, level of trust, owner's name, etc.