Attach a photo to your key

You can attach a photo ID to your PGP keys so that everyone can verify the ownership of your keys after looking at your photo. Though a key with an attached photo will provide a slightly better level of security than a key with no photo, checking the photo on a key is not as safe as checking the fingerprint of the key because anyone having your photos can create a key with your photo ID while the key fingerprint cannot be mimicked.

Unlike the restrictions in GPG, the photo ID you want to upload need not be in the JPEG format. Passwords and Keys lets you upload your photo in png, jpg and several other common image formats.

To attach a photo ID to a PGP key:

  1. Select GnuPG keys from the left side panel.

  2. Select the PGP key.

  3. Right click on the chosen key and select Properties ▸ Owner.

  4. Press the button marked with a + on the left hand side to add a photo.

  5. Select the photo from your computer.

  6. Click Close to finish.

The photos you select should be small in size, preferably about 120 by 150 pixels. Since a photo ID is always attached to its key, a large photo will increase the key size and slow down all operations that use the key. Passwords and Keys resizes large photos to the optimal size after asking for your confirmation.