Passwords and Keys helps you to generate and manage tokens that can be used to protect your files and communication. Here are some basic terms that you will encounter while reading this help:


Encryption is the process of making your important files and data unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient. When you encrypt your data, it becomes a scrambled sequence of numbers and letters. Encryption is done by someone who is sending a protected file, or sending a message in a protected conversation.


An algorithm is a sequence of steps used to encrypt or decrypt your data.


Decryption is the process of retrieving the original text from the encrypted message or file. It is done by the receiver of the protected file or communication. Encrypted messages cannot be understood without decrypting them first.


Any data or file that is not encrypted, and can therefore be read by anyone who can access it, is called plaintext.


A key is used to encrypt and decrypt files and communication. A key may also be used to login to a remote computer. Some types of keys are PGP keys and SSH keys.


A keyring is a collection of passwords or keys.