Game Preferences

To change the game preferences, click the Quadrapassel menu ▸ Preferences.

The three tabs available are Controls, Game and Theme.


By double-clicking on the given controls, thus selecting the new one, you can change the control keys.


Under the Game tab, you can change the way in which the game starts:

  • Number of pre-filled rows indicates how many rows with blocks there will be when the game starts.

  • Density of blocks in a pre-filled row indicates how many blocks there will be in a pre-filled row when the game starts.

  • Starting level controls the speed with which you will start.

These options can vary from 0 to 19, 0 to 10, and 1 to 20 respectively.

Other available options are:

  • Enable sounds

  • Preview next block

  • Choose difficult blocks

  • Rotate blocks counterclockwise

  • Show where the block will land


To change the theme:

  1. click the Quadrapassel menu ▸ Preference.

  2. select the Theme tab.

Four different themes are available for the blocks' contours:

  • Plain

  • Tango Flat

  • Tango Shaded

  • Clean