Introduction to Orca's Preferences

Orca Preferences

Orca preferences allow you to customize functionality in Orca which applies to all applications. An example of an Orca preference is key echo because key echo is something that applies to all applications.

Note that Orca preferences can be customized on an application-by-application basis. For instance you can set the default key echo to words and then set the key echo for Pidgin to be none. Having done so, Orca would always echo each word that you typed, unless you were in Pidgin.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Getting Into the Preferences Dialogs

  • Orca Modifier+Space: Orca's Preferences

  • Ctrl+Orca Modifier+Space: Orca's Preferences for the current application

Application-Unique Preferences

In contrast to Orca preferences, there are application-unique preferences. These preferences allow you to customize Orca functionality that only applies in certain environments, such as on web pages or in chat applications. As a result, you will only find these options available in the application-specific preferences dialogs and only for those applications to which these options apply.