Chat Preferences

The following options allow you to customize how Orca behaves when providing access to instant messaging and internet relay chat clients.

Speak Chat Room name

If this checkbox is checked, Orca will prefix incoming messages with the name of the room or buddy they came from, unless they came from the currently-focused conversation.

Default value: not checked

Announce when your buddies are typing

If this checkbox is checked, and if Orca has sufficient information identifying that your buddy is typing, Orca will announce changes in typing status.

Default value: not checked

Provide chat room specific message histories

If this checkbox is checked, Orca's commands for reviewing recent messages will only apply to the currently-focused conversation. Otherwise, the history will contain the most recent messages regardless of which conversation they came from.

Default value: not checked

Speak messages from

This group of radio buttons allows you to control under what circumstances Orca will present an incoming message to you. Your choices are:

  • All channels

  • A channel only if its window is active

  • All channels when any chat window is active

Default value: all channels