Filling out forms

When interacting with web pages and other documents using Orca, you are interacting with the document itself; not a buffered copy of that document. Orca's browse and focus modes let you switch between reading and filling out forms.

Exiting Form Fields

To exit a form field, you have several options:

  • Use Tab/Shift+Tab if you wish to leave the currently-focused form field and move to the next/previous focusable object, regardless of type.

  • Use Orca's structural navigation commands for forms to move to the next or previous form field.

  • Depending on the form and the application, you may also be able to use the arrow keys to navigate out of a given form field.

In order to use Orca's caret navigation or structural navigation commands to exit a form field, you must be in browse mode. If you are in focus mode, you can switch to browse mode by pressing Orca Modifier+A.