To read the contents of any document, use the application's built-in caret navigation mode. As you navigate within the text of the document, Orca will present your new location. As a result, you are likely already familiar with how to read a document using Orca. For instance:

  • Use Left and Right to move and read by character.

  • Use Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to move and read by word.

  • Use Up and Down to move and read by line.

  • Use Shift in combination with the above commands to select and unselect text.

Enabling Caret Navigation in an Application

Not all applications have caret navigation enabled by default. For many GNOME applications, caret navigation can be toggled on and off by pressing F7.

In addition to reading a document by caret navigation, you may find it helpful to read, spell, and obtain the Unicode value for the current text. You can do these things through Orca's Flat Review feature.

Finally, in order to have Orca speak the entire document from your present location, use the Say All command. It, along with a more complete listing of Orca's commands for accessing document text, can be found in the Reading Commands guide.