Speech Settings Commands

The following commands can be used to customize Orca's speech output. You will notice that a number of these commands are "unbound." Please see Modifying Keybindings for information on how to bind these commands to keystrokes.

  • Enable/disable speech: Orca Modifier+S

  • Toggle between cell and row reading in a table: Orca Modifier+F11

  • Toggle between verbose and brief verbosity levels: Orca Modifier+V

  • Enable/disable speaking of indentation and justification: (Unbound)

  • Change the spoken number style: (Unbound)

  • Cycle to the next spoken punctuation level: (Unbound)

  • Cycle to the next key echo level: (Unbound)

  • Cycle to the next capitalization style: (Unbound)

  • Decrease the rate: (Unbound)

  • Increase the rate: (Unbound)

  • Decrease the pitch: (Unbound)

  • Increase the pitch: (Unbound)

  • Decrease the volume: (Unbound)

  • Increase the volume: (Unbound)