Controlling and Learning to Use Orca

Commands for Controlling Orca

The following commands can be used to get into Orca's Preferences dialogs, toggle Orca on and off, and bypass Orca commands to avoid shortcut conflicts within the application being accessed.

  • Toggle Orca on and off in GNOME: Super+Alt+S.

    If you are using Orca in another desktop environment in which there is no command to toggle Orca on and off, you may find the command to quit Orca helpful. This command is unbound by default. Please see Modifying Keybindings for information on how to bind unbound commands.

  • Orca Preferences dialog: Orca Modifier+Space.

  • Orca's Preferences dialog for the focused application: Ctrl+Orca Modifier+Space.

  • Pass the next command on to the current application: Orca Modifier+BackSpace

Commands for Learning to Use Orca

In Learn Mode, Orca will announce each keystroke you pressed along with any associated Orca command that keystroke is bound to. In this mode, you can also get a list of shortcuts containing all the Orca commands you can use.

  • Enter Learn Mode: Orca Modifier+H

  • Exit Learn Mode: Esc