The object of the game is to flip as many of the opponent tiles while blocking your opponent from flipping your tiles. In order to flip a tile, you must first trap it between two of your tiles, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

  1. The game begins with four pieces, two light and two dark, placed in the center of the board.

  2. Dark goes first.

  3. Dark places a tile on the board in such a way that it traps white tiles between two of the dark tiles.

    This placement can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

    When the dark tile is placed, the light tiles between the newly placed dark tile and another dark tile are flipped over and become part of the dark forces.

  4. The players alternate turns until no more legal moves can be made by either player. At this point the game is over. The end of the game often results in a full board.

  5. The winner is the the player with the most pieces of his color on the board.

Start position
Example first move
Blocking move

Start position

Example first move

A blocking move