Printing Images

To print the current image in the viewer mode, use File ▸ Print or Ctrl+p.

To print one or more images from the browser mode, select the desired images and then use File ▸ Print or Ctrl+p.

The printer to use can be selected from the General tab of the print dialog.

The type of paper to use can be selected from the Page Setup tab.

The Layout tab provides some additional gThumb-specific options. You can set the number of images to include on each page here, and a preview pane is provided. Captions can also be added under the image, in a configurable font. The captions can be chosen from a selection of listed file attributes (like the file name, the date of the photo, camera shutter speed, and others). Each image can be repositioned inside its print area using the controls on this tab.

When you are ready to print, press the Print button.