Uploading to Photo-Sharing Web Sites

gThumb is provided with a number of extensions for uploading photos to various "social media" web sites. By default, uploaders for Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket are enabled.

To upload a series of photos, select the images in the browser view, and click the Share button in the toolbar. Select the appropriate web site from the menu that appears.

You may be prompted for additional information specific to the destination site, like an album name. You may also be prompted for your user name and password for the site. It may be necessary for gThumb to open a web browser, where you complete the required authentication steps. Once you have completed the required authentication steps in the browser, return to gThumb and continue the upload.

If you do not see the expected upload sites in the Share menu, check that the appropriate exporter extensions are enabled in Edit ▸ Extensions.

For some sites, gThumb also supports downloading photos from the site into gThumb. See the File ▸ Import From menu for the available download options.