Browsing Your Files

When you start gThumb the following window is displayed:

The main window

The gThumb browser contains the following elements:


The menus on the menubar contain all of the commands that you can use in gThumb


The toolbar contains a subset of the commands that you can access from the menubar. In particular, the Tools button contains functions for batch processing multiple images.


The locationbar contains the current folder or catalog name.

Folder Tree

The folder tree allows you to navigate the filesystem. Single-clicking on a folder will load its images in the browser view. Double-clicking a folder, or clicking the expander arrow, will also list folder's subfolders in the tree.

Browser View

The browser view shows the images in the current folder or catalog. Single-clicking an image will enable the Information Sidebar for that image. Double-clicking an image will open it in the viewer mode. Double-clicking with the middle mouse button will load the image in fullscreen viewer mode.

Organize Button

The Organize button, just above the browser view, allows you to group images into catalogs.


On the statusbar you can read:

  • the total number of images contained in the current folder or catalog and their total size.

  • the number of the selected images and their size.

  • some properties of the currently focused image.

Information Sidebar

If a single image is selected, the information sidebar (below the folder tree) will display detailed information (such as EXIF or XMP tags) about the selected image.

Filter Bar

An image filtering tool is provided just below the browser view. This can be used to filter the displayed images. For example, the browser view can be limited to files of a certain size, date, or name pattern, or other characteristics.