Switching Language

First, you must know that a group is a set of characters, whether it be for a language or non-language-related set of characters, like a dvorak. Each language may have more than one subset, and each subset is called a group. There are many ways you can switch the group that you are using on your keyboard.

Mouse Click

You can switch between groups with a single click on the applet's panel icon. The groups switch in a cycle determined by the current configuration.

Popup Menu

To pick a specific group, select Groups from the pop-up menu. From there, choose the group you want to switch to.


In the Keyboard preference tool, you can set which key that you would like to use to switch groups on your keyboard. Choose Open Keyboard Preferences in the applet pop-up menu, and choose the key you want to use in the Layout Options tab, under Group Shift/Lock behavior.

To add other layouts to the list, open the Keyboard preference tool. Choose other layouts in the Layouts tab.