By default, Gnote comes with several pre-installed add-ins: Backlinks, Bugzilla URL Drop, Evolution Mail Drop, Export to HTML, Fixed Width, Note of the Day, Print Notes, and Sticky Notes Import. Since these are preinstalled, they are ready to use and are automatically loaded into the Gnote interface.

Some add-ins exist that are not installed by default.

Backlinks (What links here?)

This add-in allows you to know which notes link to the note you are currently editing. It makes it easier to keep track of the relationships between notes. If this add-in is enabled, the Tools menu will have a What links here? option. When you select this option, it will list all the notes which link to the current note in a submenu. Select a note in the submenu to open it.

Bugzilla URL Drop

Allows you to drag a Bugzilla URL from your browser directly into a Gnote note. The bug number is inserted as a link with a small bug icon next to it. Once the Bugzilla link has been inserted into the note, click on it to open the URL in your web browser.

Customize the icons that are used by editing the add-in preferences in the Preferences Dialog. After highlighting the Bugzilla Add-in, click Preferences to open the Bugzilla Add-in Settings dialog. To add a new icon, click Add, select an icon on your computer, provide a Bugzilla host name (e.g.,, and click Open. Any Bugzilla URL that is dragged and dropped from one of these custom host names will now use the icon you specified.

Evolution Mail Drop

This add-in allows you to drag and drag an e-mail message from the Evolution mail application to one of your Gnote notes. Clicking on the mail icon in the note will then open the corresponding e-mail message in Evolution.

Export to HTML

When this add-in is installed, the Tools menu will have the Export to HTML option available.

After selecting this option, you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to choose where to save the HTML file. Enter the destination filename and click OK to save the file, or Cancel to abort the operation.

To export any notes for which a link exists in the current note, select the Export linked notes button.

Fixed Width

Allows you to use a fixed-width font when creating/editing notes. If this add-in is enabled, the Text menu will have a Fixed Width option.

Note of the Day

This add-in automatically creates a "Today" note for jotting daily thoughts down. The current date is used as a basis for the title of the note. As an example, the title of a "Today" note created on February 28, 2007, would be, "Today: Wednesday, February 28 2007"

If you leave a "Today" note unmodified, the Note of the Day Add-in will automatically delete the note.

To customize the content of the default "Today" note, create a new note and change the title of the note to be, "Today: Template". Change the content of the template note to whatever you like. When new "Today" notes are created, it will then use the content of your "Today: Template" note.

Print Notes

When this add-in is installed, the Tools menu will have the Print option available.

Select this option to print the current note. You will be presented with the standard GNOME print dialog.

Sticky Notes Import

When this add-in is installed, the Tools menu will have the Import from Sticky Notes option available.

Use this option to import notes from the Sticky Notes application that is available in prior releases of GNOME. This option has been included in Gnote to provide an upgrade path for users who would like to migrate from Sticky Notes to Gnote for their note taking purposes.