Getting Started

2.1. To Start GNOME Volume Control

You can start GNOME Volume Control in the following ways:

Applications menu

Choose Multimedia ▸ Volume Control.

Command line

Execute the following command: gnome-volume-control

2.2. When You Start GNOME Volume Control

When you start GNOME Volume Control, the following window is displayed:

Figure 1GNOME Volume Control Window

The GNOME Volume Control window contains the following elements:


The menus on the menubar contain all of the commands that you need to work with GNOME Volume Control.

Display area

The display area contains the channel faders and associated options for several mixers, which enable you to control the volume on those mixers.

GNOME Volume Control populates the display area dynamically, based on the functionality supported by your sound card. The mixers displayed in your GNOME Volume Control window might be different to those shown in Figure 1.