Terminal sizes

If you work with certain command line applications that have minimum terminal size requirements in order to display correctly, or if you want to view long lines of terminal output with minimal line breaks on your display, you may require Terminal windows to be of a particular size.

You can change the Terminal window size to some preset values:

  1. Select Terminal.

  2. Choose one of the following options:

    • 80×24

    • 80×43

    • 132×24

    • 132×43

If you have enabled Menu access keys, you can access this menu by pressing Alt+T and then pressing 1 to switch the Terminal window to size 80×24 and so on.

If you require custom size Terminal windows, you can also set the default window size according to your requirements:

  1. Open Edit ▸ Preferences.

  2. Your current profile is selected in the sidebar. If you wish to edit a different profile, click on its name.

  3. Select Text.

  4. Set Initial terminal size by typing the desired number of columns and rows in the corresponding input boxes. You can also click + to increase or - to decrease the size.