How much memory is being used?

To check the current memory usage of your computer:

  1. Click the Resources tab.

Memory and Swap History displays a running line graph for memory and swap as a percentage of the total available. These are plotted against time, with the current time at the right.

The color of each line is indicated by the pie graphs below. Click the pie graph to change the color of the line graph.

The Memory pie graph shows memory usage in GiB and as a percentage of the total available.

To change the update interval:

  1. Click System Monitor ▸ Preferences.

  2. Click the Resources tab.

  3. Enter a value for Update interval in seconds.

Which processes are using the most memory?

To check which processes are using the most memory:

  1. Click the Processes tab.

  2. Click the Memory column header to sort the processes according to memory use.

    The arrow in the column header shows the sort direction; click again to reverse it. If the arrow points up, the processes using the most memory appear at the top of the list.