Notes, or pencilmarks, can be added to any cell. They allow you to mark possible values for a cell, or store other data that might help you. Notes will store all characters in order, but will remove repetitions of characters.

To add notes to a cell:

  1. Select the cell

  2. Click on the part of a cell that is above the line that appears when you hover over it. Alternatively, type N.

  3. Type your notes

  4. Press Enter or click outside of the text box.

You can also take notes in the bottom of the cell by clicking in the bottom of the cell or by typing M. However, this area is used when you click Show All Possible Numbers. If you plan to use this area, you should not use Show All Possible Numbers.

You can add a number to the notes at the top of the square by typing Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9