3.1. To Start a New Recording

To start a new recording session, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose File ▸ New.

  2. Use the Record as drop-down list to select one of the following recording options:

    • CD Quality, Lossless
    • CD Quality, Lossy
    • Voice
  3. To start recording, choose Control ▸ Record.

  4. To stop recording, choose Control ▸ Stop.

  5. To play back the recording, choose Control ▸ Play.

  6. To run the audio mixer, choose File ▸ Open Volume Control.

  7. To save the recording, choose File ▸ Save As, then type a name for the sound file.

3.2. To Play a Sound File

To play a sound file, choose File ▸ Open. Select a sound file in the Open a file dialog, then click OK. Sound Recorder displays the duration of the file in minutes and seconds below the progress bar. To play the file, choose Control ▸ Play. The progress indicator moves along the progress bar as the sound file is playing.

3.3. To Display the Properties of a File

To display the properties of a file, choose File ▸ File Information. Sound Recorder displays the following information about the file:

File Information

Folder displays the name of the folder in which the file is located.

Filename displays the name of the file.

File size displays the size of the file.

Audio Information

Song length displays the length of the audio data in the file.

Number of channels displays the number of channels on which the audio data was recorded.

Sample rate displays the sample rate at which the audio data was recorded.

Bit rate displays the bit rate at which the audio data was recorded.