Different moves in Robots

In Robots you can move in one of eight directions, wait for the robots, or teleport. The enemy robots and the main character take turns to make their move. So, after each of your moves, the enemy robots try to make a move that gets them closer to you.

Basic moves

In one turn, you can move to any adjacent square. You may move diagonally.


You can stay put and wait for the robots to finish making all their moves. This is not advisable unless there are very few robots and you are absolutely sure that they will all perish before reaching you.

Teleport to a different location

If there are no moves possible or if you want to make a leap across the board instead of moving square by square, you can teleport. There are two types of teleports available.

Safe teleports

Safe teleports move the main character to a location that is safe from enemy robots. In each game only a few safe teleports are allowed.

Random teleports

Use random teleports to teleport to a random location that may be safe or may not be safe. You can use as many random teleports as you want during a game.