GNOME Power Applets

7.1. Brightness Applet

The brightness applet allows the user to change the brightness temporarily without changing the default policy. This may be useful if you have got a laptop without brightness buttons, as you can now change the brightness easily.

Figure 11 Brightness applet drop-down.

You will not get the slider if your hardware is not supported.

7.2. Inhibit Applet

The inhibit applet allows the user to prevent the computer auto-sleeping when inactive. This may be required with old or proprietary programs such as VMWare or Matlab. Just click the icon for the auto-suspend to be inhibited, and click it again for normal operation.

Figure 12 Inhibit applet in inhibited state.

Don't use this applet if you just use GNOME software, instead file a bug to make the application use the Inhibit() and UnInhibit() methods as this should 'just work'.